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Derek Trucks Band Live at UB Center for the Arts on 2008-11-02

Collection DerekTrucksBand
Band/Artist Derek Trucks Band
Venue UB Center for the Arts

Source AUD>DSM 6L
Taped by AdamZ
Transferred by AdamZ


Reviewer: SmokinJoe - - July 16, 2010
Subject: Great recording
This is a great recording, on the part of the taper, as well as the nice sounding venue and polite audience, and the band of course.
5 stars.
Reviewer: swoolsey8 - - February 8, 2009
Subject: Waterstreet this Friday

Hey man- you going to make it to the DTB show at Waterstreet this weekend? Let me know, I really appreciate your high quality work on the dtb shows. We should get a beer.

Reviewer: roseman27 - - November 6, 2008
Subject: thanks for posting!
Thanks for posting! Took a bunch of pics at the show and will try to do up some album art for the show in the next couple of days for those that are interested.
Reviewer: B1gPun - - November 4, 2008
Subject: Rippage
Thanks for putting this up, what a great show.

Here's a setlist for those interested:

Set #1:

1. Down in the Flood
2. Down Don't Bother Me
3. Get What You Deserve
4. These Days Is Almost Gone
5. Blind Crippled Crazy
6. Band Intro's
7. Done Got Over
8. The Weight

Set #2:

1. Soul of a Man
2. Already Free
3. Meet Me at the Bottom
4. I Know
5. Don't Miss Me When I'm Gone
6. Sweet Inspiration
7. Get Out My Life
8. My Favorite Things
9. Leavin Trunk
10. Crowd
11. Encore - Gonna Move
Reviewer: AdamZ - - November 4, 2008
Subject: More!
here's my other Trucks tapes:
make sure to check out the UB shows, that hall is effin' perfect for sound stage.
here's from the local paper:
Updated: 11/03/08 07:27 AM
Derek Trucks Band once again fulfills expectation of transcendence
By Jeff Miers

There’s an interview with Carlos Santana in the latest issue of Guitar Player magazine, and in it, Santana does away with the technical aspects of tone and heads straight for the heart of the matter.

To paraphrase, the gist of Santana’s passionate argument in the piece is that it really doesn’t matter what equipment you use, how up-to-date your gear is, or how much time you’ve spent in front of the mirror practicing moves that might get you noticed by the judges of “American Idol.”

What matters is how quickly and consistently you, as a musician, can get to the sweet spot.

That’s where the math of music is transcended, the musician lets the music play him or her, and the perceptive audience member is transported to a space where concerns like a dire economy and the day-today grind are forgotten.

That’s also the space Derek Trucks and his band inhabit. And they’ve really settled in by now. They pretty much own the joint.

Sunday, an exuberant group of listeners assembled in the University at Buffalo Center for the Arts to hear Trucks and company perform in a room that has welcomed them several times over the past decade. As has been the case since the band started playing there, Sunday’s show was warm, intimate, highly musical and deeply funky. The acoustics inside the Center’s Mainstage Theater are exceptional, which doesn’t hurt.

Trucks is widely held to be a blues guitarist, and it’s true that the blues sits at the center of what he does. Sometimes, however, such narrowly drawn paradigms fail to hold, and that is certainly the case with Trucks. Calling him a blues artist is like calling John Coltrane a jazz musician. It fits, but it doesn’t quite cover it.

Leading his band — which includes vocalist Mike Mattison, keyboardist Kofi Burbridge, drummer Yonrico Scott, bassist Todd Smallie, percussionist Count M’Butu — Trucks played old and new songs from his own catalog, offered some stunning adaptations of well-known tunes and welcomed his wife, renowned blues singer, songwriter and guitarist Susan Tedeschi, onto the stage for some of the evening’s strongest pieces.

The set opened and immediately hit one of its peaks, as the group tore through a smoking version of Bob Dylan’s “Down in the Flood.” Trucks played bottleneck blues for the first part of the song, then opened up into a solo based on Indian classical music tonalities at the song’s coda, turning Dylan’s folk-blues into a modal jazz rave-up. It was simply outrageous.

Hearing Trucks solo is a privilege and an honor. He takes you somewhere with his playing, somewhere cool and forgiving, for a while. It’s sophisticated, but because of the blues at its center, it has an appeal not just for musicians, but for anyone eager to go somewhere — else.

It should be said that Mattison was an equal contributor to the evening’s genius, however. He is a fine R&B singer, a throaty blues howler, and a man who knows when to make a mildly pop-leaning chorus sound sweet. Thus, “These Days Is Almost Gone” was probably the deepest cut of the evening, and Mattison sang it like he needed to do so to survive. I heard Sam Cooke in there somewhere in its gorgeously articulated melody.

Tedeschi brought some bluesy grit with her singing during “Done Got Over” and was on fire during a torrid take on the band’s “The Weight.” When she traded improvised lines with her husband during the vamp section, the music turned even more soulful. There seemed to be genuine musical conversation taking place.

Which is exactly what we’ve come to expect from the Derek Trucks Band.
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